At-home Birthday Party for Kids in Vancouver

Jolly Party Beans | At-home Birthday Party for kids | Bracelets (Boys & Girls) (25-45 minutes)

Jolly Party Beans | At-home Birthday Party for kids | Bracelets (Boys & Girls) (25-45 minutes)

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Get ready to throw the ultimate at-home birthday party for your little ones with Jolly Party Beans! These fun-filled beans are not only colorful but also come with a surprise inside. Each and every bean contains a brilliant bracelet for boys and girls that brings joy, fun, and an element of excitement to any party.undefinedundefinedWith a simple and quick 25-45 minute activity, these beans offer a unique way to celebrate birthdays from the comfort of your own home. The moment you open the bag of Jolly Party Beans, the celebration begins. The kids will love the anticipation of getting their hands on the cool bracelets hidden inside the beans!undefinedundefinedThe bracelets come in various charming designs, making it easy to find one that fits each child’s preference. Plus, once they’ve collected their bracelets, they can wear them proudly as a symbol of the exciting party they had.undefinedundefinedSo, whether it’s a small get-together or an all-out bash, Jolly Party Beans have got you covered. The party hosts will surely hear loud cheers and laughter from the little ones as they pop open each and every bean, eager to discover the treasures inside.undefinedundefinedOrder Jolly Party Beans now and throw the most memorable, exciting birthday party your kids have ever had!

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